Our rental cars

Manual transmission city car

Car Rental Peugeot 108 or BYD F0 Category
7,500 XPF / 24h (63€)

Manual transmission road car

Car Rental Peugeot 208 Category
8,500 XPF / 24h (71.5€)

Automatic transmission city car

Car Rental KIA Picanto Category
7,500 XPF / 24h (63€)

Do you want to rent a car for several days?
Take advantage of our decreasing prices. Consult us.

All our vehicles are air-conditioned.
Baby seats or booster seats provided free of charge on request.
All-risk insurance included.
All our vehicles are regularly checked and maintained.
Our fleet is renewed every 5 years maximum which allows you to benefit from vehicles in very good condition.